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More Transparency and Intelligence. Discover how our technology, experience, and relationships, can help get the best solutions possible for your clients.

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Count the reasons.
Count the money.

If you have customers who can benefit from our platform, then our partnership program may be a good fit. You will have real-time access to a portal to see updates on how your clients are doing and a unique referral code that allows us to track the customers you send our way.

Expand your reach

Our platform gives your clients access to a large network of lenders who will compete for your client’s business.

Experience tech-driven efficiency

Through our technology, the process is a lot quicker and easier to get your clients matched with the correct lenders.

Tap talented people

Through our technology, the process is a lot quicker and easier to get your clients matched with the correct lenders.

Amplify your portfolio

The more tools and resources you can point your customers to, the more value you have to offer. Let us help!

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How It Works

Some of our partners


Common questions. Straight answers.

We specialize in real estate financing for small to medium businesses. Given our professional expertise in serving these types of clients, we have an extensive list of partners who specialize in in this area.


There is no minimum credit score to apply given we based our decision on the quality of the business / asset as opposed to the individual requesting the loan.


We typically provide feedback within 24 hours of an application being submitted unless there is critical information that would help inform our decision missing from it.

If there is an open bankruptcy or foreclosure, we will have to wait until those are closed, dismissed or discharged

If your loan is Pre-Approved you will be given all terms including any fees that may be associated with the transaction from various lenders to weigh which decision is best for you.  Every circumstance and transaction is different and unique.

You would apply through our proprietary technology and allow our system to work its magic. After the information is in, you will hear from someone regarding your options typically within 24 hours!


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